I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book. --Groucho Marx

About Me

About Me

My real name Shanese and I’m from New York City, born and raised a little over twenty years ago. I’ve been told I’m a huge nerd/dork and that’s okay with me. I am a little on the weird side and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

A few things I feel people should know about me, I’m a huge book nerd, I’m a reader, a book lover, it’s who I am, it’s what I do. I’m super obsessed with kpop (Korean pop music), BTS (Bangtan Boys), Doctor Who, and I am now and forever will be a Potterhead!

The Bo0ki3 is a place where I can share my love of reading and books, I might even throw in something about movies, tv, and music, huge country fan, though I can listen to anything.

I love talking about books and that’s how The Bo0ki3 came to be born. 

Email: TheBo0ki3.blog (at) gmail (dot) com
If you have any questions or just want to get in touch.