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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dare To Act Review

Dare to Act
Leigh Ellwood
Ebook: 175 pages
Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Release Date: August 1 2012
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

When actor Parker Stigwood stuns the world by doing the unthinkable on live television, he's convinced his career is over. Disgusted by Hollywood hypocrisy, he pushes the pause button on his life and retreats to his parents' home in Dareville to contemplate his future. Little does he realize, various forces have plans for him on a personal and professional level.
Luke Hall is excited to direct his first play for the local arts center, more so when the handsome movie star volunteers to watch rehearsals and offer pointers. Luke would rather watch Parker, but there are interruptions to his viewing pleasure. When a well-meaning friend seeking benefits places doubts in Luke's head about Parker's intentions, Luke wonders if their relationship will bomb at the box office.
On and off-stage, Luke and Parker's passion sizzles. But will Parker dare to act on his feelings for Luke and leave his star behind for good?

Right off the bat I had mixed feeling about Parker. I took my hat off to him for taking a stand and calling “the industry” out on their bull. What I didn’t like was the random sex that took place between Parker and some Hollywood actor then a few days later he’s hooking up with Luke in another act of random sex.

I can understand their relationship starting out as this passionate burst of lust that part was actually believable. I liked that the pair let their relationship grow into something. The book had sweet moments and tender romance. There were things they had to overcome.

While it wasn’t the best book I’ve read in no way was it the worst. Though there were moments that gave me pause, a few things seem out of place and a little unnecessary, but that could just be because I’m picky about everything. All in all it was a good read

About the Author:

Leigh Ellwood is an award-winning author of erotica and erotic romance. She is the author of the best-selling Dareville series and several other novels and stories. Her book Dare to Dream was an All Romance Book Club selection, and her book Nuclear Soul won the EPIC Award. She is a Gaylactic Spectrum Honorable Mention and a finalist in the Gold Crown Literary Society Awards. Leigh is very active on Twitter @LeighEllwood and invites readers to visit her at www.LeighEllwood.com.

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