I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book. --Groucho Marx

Friday, February 3, 2012

T.G.I.F (25)

TGIF is a fun little feature hosted by Ginger @ GReads! Every week we re-cap what has happened on the blog plus Ginger asks a question for us to answer. This week’ question is: Book Appeal: When you're browsing goodreads, the library, or another blogger's reviews, what grabs your attention to make you want to read it?

As always Ginger asked a very good question.

Library: When looking at a book in the library I look at the title and it sounds good I’ll look at the synopsis and from there if I’m interested I’ll get it. Through honestly it’s very rare that I search the library for books. What I usually do is order the books I want to borrow at home on the internet and pick the books up when they’re ready. I think I’ve only looked for books in the library maybe a total of four times.

Goodreads & Bookstores: I'm always on Goodreads (I'm addicted) and I live in Barnes & Noble. The story is always the same no matter what platform I used to get books the cover and title are the first thing that grabs my attention. From there I read the synopsis, if it sounds good. I put in on my list then I order it from the library. I hate to waste money on a book that I won’t read again so thank the powers that be for the library. If I like a book after borrowing it from the library I’ll go out and buy it.

It’s hard to judge how good a book is based on other people’s reviews and how they rate it. Before I checked other reviews but now I try to stay away from them. There are a lot of reasons for this, not most but sometimes people only say they liked a book because they got an ARC, other times people don’t like books for stupid reasons, and the most important reason I don’t check other reviews is because we all have different tastes.

Another reason I read certain books is because someone I know and trust book wise will tell me about a book. I’ll find out what it’s about and read it.

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  1. Agreed - cover, title & book summary - in some combination, will get me to pick up a book, even if I hadn't heard of it before.

  2. I think I should do something similar to you, with checking out if they have it in my library! Though they happen infrequently, I've had experiences where books I thought would be good ended up being just average and vice versa - and that hurts my wallet, haha.

  3. I totally agree, other people's tastes can vary widely from your own, so sometimes it's just best to go with your gut instinct -- and how pretty the cover is, hehe. :D

    I hope you'll drop by and enter my giveaway to win one of three ARCs! :)