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Monday, August 19, 2013

Authors Are Rockstars: Alexandra Monir. Interview & Giveaway

Today is my day to take part in the 2nd Annual Authors are Rockstar blog tour. This is really cool and I’m happy to be taking part in it. I’m interviewing Alexandra Monir author of the Timeless series. A time travel romance for the ages, if you haven’t read it what are you waiting for?  

What makes Alexandra Monir a rockstar?

Well I guess it depends on how you define rockstar. To me a rockstar isn’t just someone who’s in a band, its someone who can reach a person or many people with their work. It’s someone who can change the way a person feels, thinks, or even how they see things in the simplest way. And Alexandra Monir does just that, she took something as simple as pen and paper and turned it into something powerful. With a few words she is able to influence emotions and has the power to make you feel so many things. And that is why in my book Alexandra Monir will be now and forever a rockstar.

Let’s meet Alexandra
At the age of 25, author and recording artist Alexandra Monir released her debut young adult novel, TIMELESS. The book caught on quickly, with Amazon.com naming it one of the "Best Books of the Month" and Barnes & Noble featuring the title in their "Top Teen Picks." TIMELESS went on to be featured in a variety of media. The sequel, TIMEKEEPER, published on January 8, 2013 and was an immediate Barnes & Noble Teen Bestseller upon its release.

          Also a singer/songwriter, Alexandra integrated original music into her books’ pages, writing and recording three original songs for TIMELESS and TIMEKEEPER with producers Michael Bearden, Heather Holley and Rob Hoffman. The songs were released on iTunes via Jimmy Buffett’s record label, Mailboat Records.

          Alexandra currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she is at work on her third young adult novel, while also blogging for The Huffington Post and recording music. She has two new novels slated for publication with Random House in 2014 and 2015.

Onto the Interview

What do you think makes a good story?
The best stories are ones that you can’t put down, that you stay up late into the night to read because you have to know what happens, filled with characters you’ll miss when you finish the book. The stories I find impossible to put down usually involve a strong mystery or romance storyline, and always feature unforgettable characters.

What is one book or series you can’t live without, yours or other?
The world would be a far poorer place without the Harry Potter series!

When did you consider yourself a writer?
I started writing stories when I was seven years old, but I didn’t consider myself a professional writer until I got my first book deal. Suddenly, this became my job! Which was, and continues to be, the most amazing feeling.

What do you think the best part of writing is?
Losing yourself in a story, and the thrill of creating characters and situations and putting the puzzle pieces together.

How important do you think villains are in a book? Favorite book villain, any book?
I definitely think it’s important to have an antagonist- either a terrifying villain OR just a character/situation that creates difficulty for the protagonist. A favorite book/movie villain that comes to mind is the title character in The Picture of Dorian Gray. He’s a fascinating one because he is both the protagonist and the bad guy.

Which of your characters would you be most or least liking to invite or for dinner? And why?
That’s easy- I’d love to have dinner with PHILIP! J My most unlikely choice would be Rebecca, since she would probably terrify me in person.

Do you read reviews of your books? If so do you pay any attention to them or let them influence your writing?
I definitely see them, but I try not to get too wrapped up in reviews. I do like to stay attuned to my readers’ and fans’ responses, though- I’m always eager to know what resonates with them and why.

Why time travel? If you could write a book about anything what would it be and why?
Time travel actually was that dream book for me to write- it’s a subject I’ve always found fascinating, and when I asked myself what book I’d most like to read, the idea and plot for Timeless burst into my head. And I knew I had to write it!

So what’s next for you?
I’m just starting on my third draft of Suspicion, my romantic thriller publishing next fall with Delacorte/Random House! After that I begin a new book that publishes in 2015.

I know this is about you being an author and writing amazing books but you also write and perform music. What got you into music in the first place?
Aww, thank you! My mom is a singer in her own right, and my grandmother was a famous opera singer, so they were major inspirations for me. I began singing and performing in elementary school, and by the time I started high school I’d begun writing and recording my own songs. Music is still a big part of my life- I’m currently writing the score to a musical, which hopefully will make it to Broadway one day! J

About Timeless book one

          When tragedy strikes Michele Windsor’s world, she is forced to uproot her life and move across the country to New York City, to live with the wealthy, aristocratic grandparents she’s never met. In their old Fifth Avenue mansion filled with a century’s worth of family secrets, Michele discovers a diary that hurtles her back in time to the year 1910. There, in the midst of the glamorous Gilded Age, Michele meets the young man with striking blue eyes who has haunted her dreams all her life – a man she always wished was real, but never imagined could actually exist. And she finds herself falling for him, into an otherworldly, time-crossed romance.
          Michele is soon leading a double life, struggling to balance her contemporary high school world with her escapes into the past. But when she stumbles upon a terrible discovery, she is propelled on a race through history to save the boy she loves – a quest that will determine the fate of both of their lives.

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Alexandra had kindly donated 5 SIGNED copies of TIMELESS so we could have a giveaway. Isn’t that awesome?! Sorry to some of you guys this away is US only.
This giveaway last from now until September 2nd. Winners will be chosen at random and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone.
TIMELESS Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TimelessSeries
Follow Alexandra on Twitter! twitter.com/TimelessAlex

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