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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banished Review

 Banished (Short Story)
Jen Wylie
Tales of Ever Book One
Young Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Echelon Press
Overall Rating: 5/5

Misha is normal girl with a pretty normal life that is until she learns that she has a powerful, totally cool but scary new power. She can control fire. Misha is glad to know that she isn’t the only one with this power. But then she gets banished to Ever a dangerous realm where deadly creatures and unknown people live. Helpfully having the power will help Misha survive her first day.

Banished is great start to a new series, just a little background and a lot of questions, makes you count down the days until you can find put more. Misha is a girl I feel like if we ever met we would be fast friends. She’s easy to understand and relate to even if you don’t have powers. Banished is a short story that is totally worth reading. Round of applause, Ms. Wylie, job well done.

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