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Friday, May 11, 2012

T.G.I.F (35)

TGIF is a fun little feature hosted by Ginger @ GReads! Every week we re-cap what has happened on the blog plus Ginger asks a question for us to answer. This week’ question is: Supporting Characters: We tend to gush over those main characters the most, but what about those supporting roles? Who are some of your favorites?

As always Ginger asked a very good question.

Love this question. In every book I read I have my favorite set of characters sometimes it the main and sometimes it isn’t. There are so many, so here is a small list and I will say they each have something that made me take notice in them.

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Torin from Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter. It breaks my heart how truly alone he is. There is something about the bad boys and the loners that make me take notice.

 Dante from The Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. He is funny and the kind of guy you want to have in your corner.  

Jim, Derek, and Raphael from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. ‘Nuff said.
Andrea also from the same series. She is totally kick ass, I love that in any female character.

Next up would be Trent from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison, there is something about Trent that draws me to him.

Then you have Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. (Have you seen the kid that play Dean in the movies? Nice!

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  1. Dean Thomas! Seamus Finnigan is also a solid choice. :)