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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Blog Tour: The Sheikh’s Bought Wife By Sharon Kendrick

By Sharon Kendrick
April 18, 2017
$5.25 U.S.; 224 pages
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Writer’s Space
When asked where she did her writing at home Sharon Kendrick shared some photos and a brief description of where her writing took place.

I write in a small room in my house right opposite my bedroom, so I don’t have very far to go to work!  I have an orange velvet chaise-longue on which I lie when I’m desperately seeking inspiration and there are various framed pieces of embroidery on the walls (I love embroidery, though am much too ham-fisted to be any good at it myself!). 

Above my desk you can see an amazing signed print by one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan. It’s of a woman sitting in a room and she looks like she’s thinking….but what is she thinking?

Lastly, there’s the view from my window – a patch of green in the distance and, in the foreground – a piece of stained glass hanging in the window.  There is also a terracotta tub filled with strawberry plants, which the birds will probably get to before I do!  But one thing I’ve learned during my writing career is that the view is incidental – and if my story is working, all I can “see” are the characters and the world they inhabit.

About The Book

By Sharon Kendrick

Marry a sheikh in return for a hefty financial reward? Jane Smith, a shy researcher, normally would have laughed in Zayed Al Zawba’s handsome face. Except it’s only for six months and the money will rescue her sister, who’s caught up in debt.

Sheikh Zayed will do anything to inherit Kafalah’s neighboring oil-rich lands. Even if he has to wed plain Jane, though he’ll never long to consummate a marriage with her. But Zayed never imagined that Jane’s frumpy clothes were hiding such delicious curves, or that her quick mind and untouched beauty would tease and tempt him beyond his wildest imagination.

About The Author
SHARON KENDRICK began telling stories at the age of 11 and never stopped. She enjoys writing fast-paced, feel-good romances, as well as music, books, cooking and eating. She lives in England with her two children.

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