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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Mother's Day

Top Ten Tuesday
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This week is: Mother’s Day Related Freebie. This week could be about anything mother related, but instead of doing a list with about favorite moms in literature, books about motherhood, best mother/daughter or son relationships, books to buy your mom, worst moms in literature, or anything like that. I am going to highlight the mothers in some of my favorite books, whether they be good, bad, or somewhere in-between.

Also if you’re a mom I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day

*This list is no specific order. Also, this list contains spoilers.
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1.      Sally Jackson: (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). Don’t you just love Sally? You can see her love for Percy in everything. I mean she married and stayed with Gabe, even though he was horrible because he’s scent would hide Percy from monsters. She doesn’t understand half of what Percy must be do on his quest but she knows that he’ll be safer if she gave him her blessing. Or come one, she worried that her son could possibility die but instead of putting more pressure on him she asked that he send her sign if he was still alive after the war. 

2.     Jane McKinney: (Jane's Melody) Poor Jane, she became a mother without a child, when her daughter died. And this book made me remember that mothers will always be mothers even if they no longer have a child. 

3.      Apollymi, Queen of the Atlantean gods: (Acheron). She gets a bad rap because she killed all of the other Atlantean gods but to be fair she did it because they tried to kill her son as a baby, and she had to hide him away, then he died. So, you can see why she was a little upset. My heart hurts for her because even though Acheron was bought back to life (they're gods), she can never hold him or even be in the same room with him.

4.     Denise Davidson: (Charley Davidson series). She is the step mother but just because they haven’t given birth to us doesn’t mean they aren’t our mothers. The thing about Denise is while she is great mother to Gemma, she has always been a horrible one to Charley. 

5.     Tamara Briggs: (Flat-Out Sexy) She is a  mom doing the best she can to take care of her kids after her husband dies. I really liked this book and I liked that her kids were really apart of and not after thoughts.

6.     Karen: (Someone Else's Fairytale) Karen is a woman who had her daughter at a young age and made a lot of bad choices. I honestly don’t think she was a bad mother, I think she was too young to be a young, not just in age but mentally. Even as a “proper” adult she still seems too young. 

7.      Marguerite Argeneau: (A Quick Bite) Yes, even vampires have mothers.  I don’t think anyone can question Marguerite’s love for her children, I mean she even kidnapped a guy who she thought would be perfect for her daughter. I know that’s not how you usually go about it but hey it’s the thought that counts, right?

8.     Nikita Duncan: (Slave to Sensation) From the beginning I was not a fan of hers, and I understand why she was the way she was. I mean the Psy took away their emotions, so it was really no surprise that she was cold and calculated. But as the series goes on you can see that she actually does feel emotion, even if only a little. In her own calculated and detached way she made sure her daughter was loved and protected.  And it’s clear that Nikita will kill to protect what’s hers.

9.     Dr. Pauline Whittier: (Everything, Everything)  When your daughter is allergic to pretty the world, you want to keep her safe at home and that was what Dr. Whittier did. She made sure Maddie was safe and sound at home, never leaving the house. I know that Pauline was sick and that was the motivation behind her actions. She is one of those mothers where you understand why she did what she did but you also want to look at her and say “really?”

10.   Petunia Dursley: (Harry Potter series) Okay hear me out on this one, she’s a horrible person. And while she was horrible to Harry she was a good mother to her son. She loved her son and made sure he had everything he wanted, maybe even a little too much of what he wanted.

Bonus. Molly Weasley: (Harry Potter series) There is no way I could talk mothers and the Harry Potter series without mentioning one of the best mother’s in the whole series. Scratch that. Molly Weasley is the best mother in the whole series. What made her so great was the fact that there was nothing special about her, aside from being a witch. She was an average mother who took care of her kids, there were a lot of Weasley children and no money but that didn’t stop them from being a loving happy family.


  1. I added Mrs. Whittier to my list as well. Sure she and her daughter have "issues" but overall, I liked their relationship, complexities and all. :)

  2. I never thought of Apollymi. Yes, she is crazy and she can never hold her child, but she loves her boy. I liked Acheron's book. Myabe it was the best I've read so far, because after that I haven't enjoyed the rest.

  3. Interesting that you saw Percy Jackson's mom as so positive.


  4. Aw, I got excited when I opened the tab and it was your blog! Always fun to stumble across it in the wild :p I haven't read any of these, except for Harry Potter, and I was surprised how many lists Petunia made this week. I completely disagree, but there are lots of people out there who think she is a good mom too, so at least you aren't alone there :)

    My TTT.

  5. I love Percy's mum, she's so amazing. As is Molly Weasley.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/top-ten-tuesday-107/

  6. I actually agree with you on Petunia. Although she was awful to Harry, she did her best for Dudley, even when she shouldn't have. Oh, and Molly is amazing.

    Here is my TTT. Thanks!