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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Madison J. Edward Guest Blog and Giveaway

Today we have Madison J. Edward author of the book According To Plan. Here'a a blurb of the book . .  .

            What do you do when things don’t go According to Plan? For starters, you trick, deceive, and lie to the very person who ruined your best laid plans.
            Welcome to the world of Shelby Stewart, P.I., who’s been hired to find Harrison Grant. To complicate matters further, her ex-partner, ex-lover, ex-everything Tank shows up looking for Harrison as well, albeit for a very different reason. Harry is the prime suspect in the grisly murder of a call girl, Lulu, in L.A.
            That wouldn’t be so bad, but Tank plans on staying at Shelby’s house, and makes it obvious he’s quite willing to help her heat the sheets, again. Shelby knows that sex with Tank is dangerous, fast, and sometimes a little dirty. Now is not the time to become side-tracked. Besides, this job could launch her company into a whole new stratosphere, so it’s imperative she remain focused.
            Frustration becomes Shelby’s newest partner as she makes plans to out maneuver Tank in their parallel quest. Tank, on the other hand, is always one step ahead of the game—and is not what, or who, Shelby thought.

Now onto Madison. . .

About The Book:

Creativity springs from the strangest of catalysts. According to Plan started as a story about
a young woman who inherits a mirror from her late Aunt Tillie, complete with a handsome
Scottish Laird from the year 1462 trapped inside. It’s up to our heroine, Rowena, to release Liam from his centuries old prison.

How in the world did I go from Rowena and Liam to Shelby and Tank? Good question. First let’s deal with Rowena. A snippet of a conversation lodged itself in my head. Rowena received a phone call from her annoying nerdy neighbor – Regis. It went like this.

“Yo, Ro.”
I hated Ro. Made me think of salmon swimming upstream to lay their gooey eggs.

When I began writing the scene, the name Rowena didn’t flow the way I thought it should. This frustrated me, because I sooooo wanted to use that line from the above dialogue. Alas, Rowena hit the scrap pile. All good workshops will tell you - be prepared to cut your little darlings - and cut I did. Under protest I might add. My heroine needed a new name, and Shelby was born.

Next one up: Liam. I loved the name and the character. Such a cheeky bugger. From the mirror Liam watched Shelby getting down and dirty with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. When he left Liam purred, with a voice that made you think of smoky bars and aged whiskey, that if she called him out of the mirror he’d satisfy all her needs. Oh my. Sexual tension permeated the air and they hadn’t even touched physically. Did I mention he had his hand wrapped around his…?
Never mind – that scene got cut too.

Who was Shelby having sex with?

Tank, the shady boyfriend who dropped by regularly for a little sumthin’ sumthin’, and the
action between them was scorching hot. By the end of the manuscript Tank had taken over
completely and Liam wound up as a secondary character. When Liam finally escaped the mirror, Shelby was well and truly spoken for. Too bad, because Liam was devastatingly handsome and deserved his own story. Hmmm…..

Although this manuscript had more revisions than a Hollywood starlet the base plot remained the same, which is Shelby and Tank both searching for Harrison Grant. Wound through this tale of botched plans and misunderstandings, are the silky tendrils of a love story.

To win a copy of According to Plan just a comment with your name and a way to contact you. Winner will announced at the end of the tour.

About the author:

From the age of four Madison has been an avid reader. Many fond memories are of walking to the local library, reading everything she could find. In high school she penned quirky stories for class assignments, and was called upon to read them every class. No one was spared her caustic wit – not even the dreaded English teacher, Mr. Cooney. She still graduated with her class….

According to Plan is Madison’s debut full length novel. Since contracting her book with
Turquoise Morning Press, three steamy, erotic short stories have been released through
her publisher’s erotic imprint Sapphire Nights Books, including her ARe Bestseller,
The Perfect Secretary. You can find out more about Madison and her other books at

I would like to thank Madison for being with us today.

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  3. ACCORDING TO PLAN: nothing ever goes according to plan, so I'm looking forward to reading this.